Friday, January 18, 2008

even on hard days...

i really have an amazingly good baby. he doesn't cry... unless i'm trying to put him to sleep and he doesn't want to sleep. yesterday was a hard day. caleb and i weren't feeling very good and i had PEPS so we missed his first nap, etc. etc. i didn't want to be patient, i just wanted him to go to bed so i could take a nap. so, obviously, that didn't happen. both of us were getting frustrated and cranky. but then i decided to just let it go. i got caleb up and we cuddled on the couch watching The Dog Whisperer. we played games and sang songs and, even though he was tired, he was wonderful. we had a great afternoon together and finally, at about 3:30, he went to bed. even on hard days, caleb teaches me to relax, have fun, and be patient!

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