Thursday, January 24, 2008


i have a bad sense of smell... REALLY bad. i can't tell if milk has gone bad, if we pass by a skunk on the side of the road, if someone has had garlic for lunch, or if something is burning. this can be a bad thing, for sure, but sometimes it can be good. like not being able to smell dirty diapers or morning breath. anyway, while i was pregnant, my sense of smell became much more acute. i learned that chocolate chips have a smell... and i don't like it. and cinnamon smells amazing!! i was hopeful that after being pregnant maybe my sense of smell wouldn't go all the way back to how it was before. but today, while getting dinner in the crock pot, i realized that i couldn't really smell the difference between cumin and chili powder. i've officially lost any gains i made. sigh...

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