Thursday, January 31, 2008

new car seat

we finally got caleb's new car seat! we found out at his 4 month doctor's appointment that he was too long for his little infant seat, but we hadn't done any research on what other kind to buy. so, i started looking and asking around and we finally decided on a britax roundabout which is a convertable seat so can be rear- or forward-facing. when i asked people who had other brands they would say "it's been fine for us" or "it's worked well". but, when i asked someone who had a britax, they would say "we LOVE the car seat" and "we have been SO happy with it". they are more expensive, but i was able to find a website ( that offered them with no shipping OR tax. so that helped. one thing i already love about it is that it has velcro patches to stick the buckles to when we set caleb in it so he doesn't sit on them. that's worth the extra money right there! we'll get it installed this weekend but the problem troy pointed out, is how i'm going to go shopping with caleb now. he's too young to sit up in a cart, but i won't have the infant carrier to set in the cart anymore. any suggestions??
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Anonymous said...

Lauren...I had these fantastic flannel swaddling blankets (Grama Burkholder made them)that I would fold several times on the diagonal until they were about 5 inches wide, then I would sit the girls in the grocery cart seat, lay the blanket/seat belt across their belly and under their arms and poke the ends through the back of the seat and tie them in snuggly. Now that I have written this down, it sounds kind of hillbilly, but it worked for us in a pinch.


The Lochheads said...

He's already moved on to carseat #2?!? Where does the time go? Jeff and I have to get over there to hold him--it seems at this rate he'll be in preschool before we know it! :) Now that you're not coming over here for the MANCATION I'm realizing that Jeff will get to meet Caleb before me--no fair!

We saw your friend Janelle at the airport with her little one--Jackson is adorable!