Saturday, July 19, 2008


i blog. there, i admitted it. the reason i blog is something i've denied for some time now. i started blogging because our family lives far away. very far. i though, "i'll start a blog. that way, family members can read it and know what's going on with their grandson/nephew/cousin/etc. without me having to call everyone or send out mass emails." did it work? no. does any family actually read this blog? only very rarely. but yet, i keep blogging. and that is because i am addicted. i love blogging. i love crafting blogs in my head throughout the day (just like MommyTime recommends), love finding the time to sit and put it all down "on paper", and i love being a part of the parenting blog family.

and it's an awesome family. some people's blogs i read because i know them and love them. and i want to read about what's going on in the life of their family. other blogs i read because i can't help it. either they are amazing writers or incredibly funny or refreshingly honest or particularly interesting. one thing they all have in common: they're moms. i often feel quite inadequate when i read the blogs of others. i know i'm not a great writer and don't have a specific voice or anything like that. but still, i enjoy it and if i was doing this for readers, well, i would have given up long ago. but i do this because i can't help it and, in some ways, it helps me.


lattemommy said...

Hi Lauren,

I saw that you linked to my blog today, so I had to drop over for a visit. I wanted to say thanks to you for such a nice compliment, and for putting me in the company of several fantastic bloggers.

Keep it up with the blogging - it's hard some days to feel inspired, to feel like what you write is relevant or what people might like to read, to feel like you're good at it. But what matters most is that you just keep writing. You're doing a fabulous job. I'm going to put your blog in my reader so that I can keep up with what you have to say!

Amy said...

I always love reading! :)