Monday, July 14, 2008

visit from a friend

this past weekend my friend, sheri, and her son, edward, came for a visit. i've been friends with sheri since my freshman year of high school and i was glad to finally meet her son. it was crazy having two young boys in the house, but that made us get out and do lots of fun stuff (swimming, tea, toy store, dog park, etc.).

one thing i definitely learned, though, caleb is a boy who likes quiet and calm. i had sort of seen that the weekend before with troy's parents, but this weekend underscored it. he doesn't like to have a lot of noise in his world and gets stressed out when around too many people for too long. it was amazing what even just taking him into his room for some quiet mom and caleb time did to help him.

sometimes i was a little disappointed with this part of his personality. until i realized, i'm the same way... i just hide it better. at some point caleb will learn to deal with his discomfort in ways other than crying. for now, though, i'll keep pushing him and exposing him to different situations, but try to always take into account his sensitive and quiet side.

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tim and hannah said...

what two adorable little boys!! it must be fun sharing the experience of motherhood with your best friend and having boys so close in age!