Tuesday, July 29, 2008

like mother, like son

when i was young, it would take me FOREVER to get ready for bed. just ask my mom. or my dad. or my sister. or anyone who ever told me to get ready for bed. but i wasn't trying to waste time or anything, i just had a lot to do. it was my stuffed animals' fault.

i loved stuffed animals. a lot. not only did i have a ton of them, they also all had names. in fact, whenever i got a new stuffed animal, there was a routine we had to go through. i would think of a name for this animal and then all of us (my existing stuffed animals, myself, and the new arrival) would go under the covers of my bed and we would have a conference. i would think thoughts and see if the new guy could read my mind. i would give hypothetical situation in which my sister and i were in a fight. and the new stuffed animal had to say which side he/she would be on. and then, assuming they passed, i would find them a best friend (or two). don't worry, they all passed the test.

think that's crazy? i'm just getting started. every night there would be a specific place that each animal would sleep. and they had to be placed in that exact position before i went to sleep every night. first came kim (a cabbage patch doll) with her arm up. next to her was jenny (another doll, with lovely red hair). on top of them, wrapped around kim's arm, was snowball (a bunny) and sea bert (a seal). then i wrapped a blanket around those and got started on the next layers. cubby (a tiger), feline (a cat, duh). i could go on and on, but you probably get the picture. i would do this every night before i could go to bed. and in the morning, when i made the bed, they all had new positions.

all this to say, i loved stuffed animals. and it appears that caleb does, too. he likes me to put him in his crib and then he points (and makes the sign for light) at a stuffed animal on his shelf. i get it for him and he plays for bit until he's ready to point to the next one. we also love to go to white horse toys and look at all the amazing stuffed animals (he likes the croaking frog and the black lab the best). my parents would have loved a store like this for times when my birthday list read "a goat stuffed animal" (which i got, by the way, and named edelweiss).

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