Wednesday, July 30, 2008


have i mentioned that caleb is obsessed with music? this from my boy who previously couldn't handle too much going on and would start rubbing his ear if there was noise in the background. now, he goes to sleep thinking about music and wakes up thinking about it. while he's nursing, he'll reach his chubby little hand in the general direction of the cd player and make the sing for light (because that obviously means, "i want the music on please mommy"). when i come to get him out of his crib, he jumps up and down, reaches for the cd player, and makes the sign for light. we can't even play in his room because all he'll do is climb over to the bookcase, pull a book off, look at the cd player, and make the sign for light. when we're in the living room, he tries to climb up the table to reach the ipod docking station (and makes the sign for light).

it's not that i'm against music. actually, i love it. but it's not just any music that will do. there's a certain cd he likes... actually, a certain song. it's song number 6 on the red grammer cd. and not only does he solely want to listen to that song, he wants me to hold him and dance with him the whole time, too. which is cute the first 3 times, but then gets a little old (not to mention heavy!). and that cd is not even on the ipod yet, so that makes him mad. i'm at a point where it's actually hard for me to be at the house because i'm constantly either listening to that song or listening to caleb whine for that song. he needs to widen his tastes!


Amy said...

how FUNNY! it's amazing that someone so little can have such awareness and opinions!

timannah :) said...

Band hear he comes!! :) hee hee. i wonder what instrument he'll play?? :) when do you guys move?