Tuesday, July 8, 2008

quite the attitude

caleb is so testy today! he's learned how to say "no" with his body. he kicks his feet and shakes his head. and today, he doesn't want to do anything i suggest. doesn't want to eat what i make for breakfast or lunch. doesn't want to go in the car to go to the park. doesn't want to swing in the swings. doesn't want to come home. doesn't want to go to bed. everything i do is met with wild, kicking feet and a shaking head. at first, i liked that he could communicate his displeasure. that lasted about 5 minutes. now it's just annoying! i hope he either forgets how to do that or else learns to talk real soon :)


Anonymous said...

Ah, but the talking makes it even worse...now we can have a long conversation laced with disobedience!

Me: Gavin, come over to Mommy so I can get you dressed.

Gavin: No, I Gavin go outside.

Me: Yes, I know, but you need to get dressed first, so come over here.

Gavin: No, I Gavin change diaper.

Me: Yes, I'm going to change your diaper.

Gavin: Nooooooooo!!!! No diaper change.

You get the picture. Are we teaching them, or are they teaching US??

Silly Miss said...

Hmmm. Maybe something else is bothering him? Like his ears or the sunlight or something else is making him uncomfortable?

Or maybe he is just frustrated because he has something to tell you and he can't.

Maybe you are boring him...just kidding. LOL.