Monday, July 14, 2008

helping fight a forest fire... sort of

yesterday, we had quite the adventure! troy and i decided to get out of the house and take caleb for a walk. as we were heading down a trail near our house, we see a bunch of smoke and a kid comes running to us, asking if we have a cell phone to call 911. here's the story...

this kid, steve, was riding his bike and saw some teenagers light a firework. when they saw him, they got spooked and through the firework into the amazing greenbelt area we have out behind our condo. steve saw it catch the grass on fire so he rode back to a woman he had passed earlier and they dragged a hose from the community garden to try and put it out. once it became obvious that it was spreading too fast, he went looking for more help. that's when we came along. after calling 911, troy went to help direct the firefighters and i stayed with steve and the woman (holly). eventually we had two fire trucks and it was quite the adventure. i had to stay around for quite a while to give a report to the fire investigator. steve is totally a hero for getting help so quickly (in fact, the fire fighters said had the trees caught on fire they probably would have had to evacuate the condos). the firefighters even let him help put the fire out with foam once it was all under control.

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