Friday, August 15, 2008

canadian olympics

i love the olympics. a lot. it's one of my favorite things. this time we've been watching most of the olympics on CBC, the canadian channel. while the reporters and commercials aren't as good, i love it. i love that there is more coverage of the games than "special interest" stories that no one's really interested in. i love that they show a wider variety of events and don't just focus on the U.S athletes. and i love that the events are actually live when possible instead of live for the east coast and three hours later for me. it's pretty ridiculous that i can watch michael phelps win gold on CBC and then turn back to NBC and hear "and coming up later in the show, we'll go live to the water cube where michael phelps swims for another gold". how can it be live when i've already watched it? who do they think they're fooling?

but one funny thing about watching CBC is the "Bell olympic moments". honestly, even if this station wasn't better anyway, i would watch just for this. once an evening, they announce the "olympic moment" from the day before that the people of canada have voted on. and it's just hilarious because it's always two really important olympic moments and some random canadian olympic moment. for example... day 1 choices: a)michael phelps begins his quest by winning his first gold medal. b) china wins gold in weightlifting. c) kyle shewfelt (candian gymnast) comes back from an injury. guess which one was the winner? that's right... c.

let's try again... day 6 choices: a) swedish wrestler walks off podium and drops his bronze medal in protest. b) france swimmer takes gold in men's 100m freestyle. c) candian gymnast adam wong finishes 15th in men's all-around. and guess which one wins? C again.

don't get me wrong, i think it's awesome that the candian olympic teams are getting better and better and placing higher than ever before. i was totally cheering for adam wong to do well in gymnastics. but seriously, is that the most important olympic moment of the day? personally, i don't think so. reminds me of the survivor "game changing moments" that are something like, "so-and-so finds a coconut on the beach". right...

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