Monday, August 11, 2008

why did we wait?

yesterday marked 6 years of marriage for troy and i. one conversation we had revolved around why we waited so long (5 years) to have a baby because, while it's the hardest thing either one of us has ever done, we love being parents. we were joking about the fact that if we had had kids right away, we could have a kindergartener right now. and why didn't we?

part was practical... troy had one more year of college left and i, well, what can you really do with just a b.a. in psychology? i think part of it was selfish, too. i wanted troy all to myself. i wanted to just enjoy being a wife for a while. the biggest thing, though, i think was because troy knows me so well. he knew that i have a hard time believing i can do something until after i've already done it. i know some stuff about me. like that i'm a pretty good friend, and that i'm good at games. but that's because i've done those things before.

what i didn't know, was that i'm also a good student and a good teacher. looking back, i know i would have loved being a mom anytime it had happened. but the lessons i learned about myself through getting my master's degree and teaching kindergarten were so valuable and i believe they have made me a better mom and hopefully a better role model for caleb. i hope now when i tell him he can do something if he sets his mind to it, he'll believe me because i know, from experience, that it's true.

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