Monday, August 11, 2008


i read about this game this morning and decided i had to play...

basically, what you do is try to put together words so randomly that google only has ONE search result for it. the funny thing is that once you blog about it, then there are two results... which means the more people who play, the harder it gets :) fun, right? you can read a bit more about this at it used to be that people could actually find 2 word "google-whacks" but i'm not sure that's possible anymore.

i want to see who can do this in the fewest words. but i don't actually know how to do the "mr. linky" thing so you'll just have to leave a comment if you participate. or i can try to figure it out. i guess i should learn someday... whatever.

here's mine: muskrat potato shadow nihilistic curling participle festering miller pastiche liposuction peters Piccadilly warehouse Jamba

14 words. how about you?

**ps... i tried to learn and include a mr linky. but then gmail pooped out on me and i need my confirmation code. sigh.

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