Monday, August 25, 2008

throwing food...

how do i stop caleb from throwing his food on the ground? i'm trying to introduce more and more finger foods to him and, while he still has issues with anything that isn't dry, he's getting better. i think quesadilla (with soy cheese) finally won him over and now he's willing to try some new things! but, he throws a lot of things on the ground. i've read a couple of places to just not make a big deal about it and he just loses the opportunity to eat the food he throws. that's fine for some, maybe, but he doesn't care. he only throws stuff that he's done eating. if he wants more, he's smart enough to keep it on his tray.

any other suggestions?

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Sheri Ludlam said...

One family I worked for once had taught their children to place the food they were done with or wouldn't eat in the corner of their highchair tray (their tray had a little sectioned off part in the corner). I thought I would do the same for Edward but he actually started doing it himself. He does still throw food at times, but I usually take the whole tray away for a bit and explain it is not okay before giving it back. Well, those are just ideas I had. Good luck!