Tuesday, August 19, 2008

jamba juice

caleb had his first jamba juice last weekend. and he LOVED it. i didn't want to overload his little tummy with something new since it would be his first experience with citrus. so after about 4-5 straws-full, we decided he should be done.

he had other idea.

this is his current sign language capabilities... "light" while reaching for something means "i want that", "turn it on", "give me please", etc. "light" while reaching for something with eyes closed means "i need that NOW or i'm going to get very angry". and that's what he was doing at jamba. but we held firm. probably he would have been fine with more but once we said he was done, we had to stick to our guns.

again, he had other ideas.

troy was holding him and drinking his jamba (i know, rubbing it in the poor kid's face!) when, all of a sudden, caleb reached for the straw, yanked it out of his daddy's mouth, and stuck it in his own mouth. and do you think something as insignificant as a bent straw would stop him? no way! he got a mouth full and was VERY pleased with himself.

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