Sunday, August 10, 2008

happy anniversary

i knew you were the one when you ...

described yourself using the very words i used to describe the man of my dreams

wrote me a thank you note at the end of first semester

listened to me cry about why it was so hard for me to trust people

understood how important the promise of "forever" was to me

cared about getting to know my family and loved sharing about yours

learned to play guitar just to fulfill a bet

still wanted to play games with me even though i beat you (sorry, but it's true)

spent the whole day with me and we didn't run out of things to say

told me you wanted to talk to my dad first before starting to date me

talked about your dreams for the future and God changed mine to match

told me "our story" over and over and over, just because i liked hearing it

designed a ring that was more beautiful than one i ever could have imagined

stood in the church and held my hand while we worshipped

you are my love. you have been these last 6 years we've spent together and i know you will be forever.